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His name is Lush 3 Wearable Bullet

The possibilities of this connected vibrating egg are almost infinite thanks to its downloadable smartphone app on App Store or Google Play.
You will be able to create your own vibrations and memorize them, you will be able to download programs from other users and share yours, you will be able to make it vibrate to the sound of your favorite music, etc.
This high-tech vibrating egg does not forget its main functions, give you pleasure... and lots of pleasures.
It inserts very simply and will remain stable, it will be used alone or as a couple, it is planned for use in public places with a very strong power that will remain silent.
Have fun....

Its magnetic USB will significantly improve its load and optimize it
Its Bluetooth antenna has been reviewed for improved connectivity compared to the previous two versions
Its vibrations are very "deep" which will accentuate the effect.

Silicone - Length : 18cm - Solder : 3.5 - Penetrating length : 8cm - Bluetooth - Rechargeable via USB.