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Conditions of the sponsorship program of offers you to sponsor your loved ones and benefit from a discount on your next orders.

How does it work?

I wish to sponsor a loved one:

  • I must have already completed at least one order.


  • In my client account, I click on Sponsorship. I indicate the email and first name of my or my daughteruls and if I wish, I leave her a personal message.


  • I'm sending the invitation. As soon as my girl has placed order and it is delivered, I receive a 5% discount voucher to be deducted on your next order if you wish or on others to come.


  • If you are already a customer at, you cannot be sponsored or sponsor yourself. reserves the right to cancel any non-compliant or fraudulent transaction. In this case, all the customer benefit acquired by this offer will be cancelled.


  • A new customer (even name, same address, same email address) cannot be sponsored by several different sponsors.


  • A 5% discount voucher is offered to the sponsor when the first order of his daughter is delivered. The sponsor can benefit from several discount vouchers (according to the number of girls who have become clients) but these are not cumulative between them.


  • The discount voucher is valid for 1 year.